The corruption within (or how I learned to love the fall of the American empire)

It’s been almost two years since we travelled to Spain with a couple of close relatives and their friends. We had a great time in Spain and I wrote then about the beauty of Spain, and the challenges we faced under who is now thankfully the (past) president. It seems so long ago, looking backContinue reading “The corruption within (or how I learned to love the fall of the American empire)”

The Monkey of McMicken

This recounting of the fable of the monkey of McMicken Island was recently told to me by Scooter McMicken, a resident of Herron Island and the great-great-great-great grandson of Jedidiah McMicken, who was the first to claim McMicken Island back in the 1800s. Rumored to be a summer getaway for Bigfoot family reunions, Jedidiah foundContinue reading “The Monkey of McMicken”

Rainier Chautauqua

Ohanapecosh and a trek to Indian Henry’s Campground Ohanapecosh. Crying babies, barking dogs and overzealous wood splitters punctuate the cool morning air. I wake up with sunburned warmth in the chill. A stark change from the hot meadow at Indian Henry’s filled with the constant drone and manic buzzing of hornets, bumblebees, flies, wasps andContinue reading “Rainier Chautauqua”